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Communicative Language Learning

Courses Offered
  • Do you want to remove the language barrier and read the New Testament in the original Greek?
  • Have you ever desired to compare quotes from the Old Testament directly to the Septuagint without translation?
  • Are you an aspiring Bible translator seeking fluency in the original language of the New Testament?

Then you came to the Right Place to learn Greek the Right Way.

If you are a beginner in Greek, check out the Biblical Greek Program. Sign up for 1 or 2 years of Biblical Greek, or just sign up for the Level 1A 10-day Immersion Course.

If, however, you have studied Greek before and are looking to boost your fluency, then check out the Fluency Courses that we offer.

The Biblical Greek Program

Immerse yourself in the 2-year Biblical Greek Program. The combination of intense, 10-day immersion courses, and 3-month online courses taught via video conferencing maximizes the benefits of both classroom and online learning using communicative methods.

These classes immerse the student in a Biblical Greek language-learning environment taught almost exclusively in Biblical Greek. The online courses utilize technology allowing you to continue communicative Greek studies from anywhere in the world.

Fluency Greek Courses

Boost your fluency in Biblical Greek. These Fluency Courses are for those who have already studied two years of Greek, or who are currently enrolled in a Greek program. You can sign up for an in-person immersion course, or an online fluency course.

1) The Immersion Fluency Course is a highly interactive 10-day immersion course. 2) The Online Fluency Course is a 3-month course that utilizes video conferencing. We designed these courses to increase proficiency in reading and understanding Biblical Greek.

I’ve studied NT Greek using the “grammar-translation” method for years, but this communicative course was fantastic for me. This method enables students to actually internalize the language and think of it as a real language, not as a mathematical code to be cracked. I highly recommend it for everyone–from beginners to those who’ve studied Greek grammars and done parsing exercises for years. Five stars.