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Can I take an immersion class even if I am not ready to commit to a full year of Greek?

Yes! You can start with Level 1A Immersion, which is a beginners’ course. This is the first immersion class in the full two your program, so you then take as much or as little as you want to after that. 

Can I start by taking an online class even though I have never studied Greek communicatively before?

If you have not studied Greek in a communicative setting, but you have studied it in a traditional grammar-translation class, then yes, you can probably start with an online class – Level 1B is recommended. However, if you have never studied Greek before, then you will want to start with the beginners’ class (Level 1A) of the Biblical Greek Program.

How young can someone be and take these classes?
Children often learn language better in a communicative environment. After all, that is how they learned their first language. We recommend that someone be at least a mature 12 to take a class. However, if other family members are coming to the class then we would consider ages even younger. Feel free to reach out to us with specifics!
I have been teaching myself Greek, but have never taken a class. Can I take a fluency course or jump in part way through the Biblical Greek Program?

Probably not, but it depends. If you have been studying using audio resources and communicative resources, possibly. Feel free to reach out to us with specifics!

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