We just finished teaching two weeks of a beginners’ immersion course here in PA! Lots of fun and interaction in the language of the New Testament. Some highlights include the following:

  • Acting out the healing of the crippled man, in Greek.
  • There, that verse you just read in Greek on your first day of class and understood was all Scripture.
  • Where is the camel that doesn’t have any feet?
  • The prodigal son finds his way home.
  • What’s in that box that the camels found in the wilderness?
  • John the Baptist and the Pharisees discuss who he is, in Greek.

Seeing the students learn from Biblical and other short stories in the last two weeks and start speaking Greek has been very rewarding and exciting.

If you or someone you know would like to see a Greek class take place near you, let us know and we would love to come teach a 10-day immersion class in your location!