The Biblical Greek Program Structure & Tuition

Program Structure

Students can sign up for as much or as little of the Biblical Greek Program as they want to participate in. However, every Level has the previous Levels as prerequisites.

Can I sign up for just Level 1A before committing to a full year?


Year 1 in the Biblical Greek Program (Level 1)

When you sign up for Year 1, you are signing up for two immersion courses and one online course. Those two immersion courses and that one online course are roughly equivalent to two college semesters. These three components constitute one full year of Greek.


Course LevelClass | HomeworkTuition
Level 1A - 1st Immersion (10 days)40 hours | 30 hours$600
Level 1B - 1st Online (3 months)40 hours | 60 hours$560
Level 1C - 2nd Immersion (10 days)40 hours | 30 hours$520

Year 2 in the Biblical Greek Program (Level 2)

Year 2 is similar to Year 1. By signing up for Year 2 you are signing up for two online courses and one immersion course at the end.

Course LevelClass | HomeworkTuition
Level 2A - 2nd Online (3 months)40 hours | 60 hours$480
Level 2B - 3rd Online (3 months)40 hours | 60 hours$440
Level 2C - 3rd Immersion (10 days)40 hours | 30 hours$400

Upon completion of Years 1 and 2, you receive a $100 credit towards an advanced online fluency course. Terms and conditions apply.


Basic Packages

To make it easy, we recommend starting with one of our three Basic Packages with the max price listed (see Flex Tuition for actual pricing).

  1. Level 1A: 10-day Immersion Course - $600
  2. Levels 1A - 1C: One year of the Biblical Greek Program - $1,680
  3. Levels 1 & 2: The full 2-year Biblical Greek Program - $3,000

Introducing "Flex Tuition"

Flex Tuition is a system that adjusts and lowers the tuition of every student based on the number of students enrolled per Level. This basically means that for every additional person that signs up for any given Level, the tuition will "flex" down for everybody by a certain percent. For instance, if only 6 people sign up for Level 1A then each student pays $600 in tuition for Level 1A. However, if the class is maxed out at 20 students then each person only pays a total of $432 for Level 1A and $2160 for the full two years. So bring your friends and we all win!

  • 6 Students 100% 100%
  • 10 Students 92% 92%
  • 15 Students 82% 82%
  • 18 Students 76% 76%
  • 20 Student max 72% 72%

To sign up for the Biblical Greek Program (1 or 2 years) or the 10-day Level 1A Immersion Course, please click the button and fill out the Google Form.