Greek Resources


This page directs you to where you can purchase the required resources for the Biblical Greek Program. You will also find helpful resources (though not required) that aid in the study of Biblical Greek.

Textbooks for Year 1 of The Biblical Greek Program

LKG Part One


LKG Part One is a picture book with accompanying audio from the Biblical Language Center.

LKG Part Two-A

LKG Part Two-A is a kind of “home language lab” including drills and audio accompaniment.

Reading Koine Greek: An Introduction and Integrated Workbook

Reading Koine Greek is the textbook used for both Year 1 and Year 2 of the Biblical Greek Program.

Textbooks for Year 2 of The Biblical Greek Program

Discourse Grammar of the Greek NT

Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament is a practical introduction for teaching and exegesis by Steven E. Runge.

LKG Part Two-B


LKG Part Two-B is very similar to LKG Part Two-A. LKG Part Two-B is an optional resource for Year 2 of The Biblical Greek Program. It can be purchased from the Biblical Language Center.

Greek NT and Accordance Bible Software

Beginning Readers GNT Byzantine Textform

This Greek New Testament is specially designed for beginners. Footnotes contain brief definitions of words occurring less than fifty times, and show how to parse all verbs occurring less than fifty times.

Greek & Hebrew Discoverer

Accordance Bible Software is a great tools for any serious student of scripture and the Biblical languages. Though you can start off with the less expensive Greek & Hebrew Learner package, the Greek & Hebrew Discoverer package has more resources such as the Louw & Nida Lexicon and the tagged Septuagint that will be of great help as you dig deep into the Greek Scriptures.

Other Resources

These resources are not mandatory for either the Biblical Greek Program, or any of the Supplementary Courses. However, these books and audio resources are highly recommended for anyone studying Biblical Greek.

A Greek Morphology

A Greek Morphology is an extremely handy resource for spoken Biblical Greek. The full paradigms of many common verbs help build confidence as one learns to use Greek verbs as ancient Greek speakers did.

John Audio

This is an audio recording of the Gospel of John and the three epistles of John read by Randall Buth. We use the same pronunciation as Buth does, so this will be a great benefit to those who are studying with us.

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