The first 10 days of immersion kick off the 2 year Biblical Greek Program on December 11-22, 2017. I hope you’re getting ready for it, because this is going to be great!

Year 1 starts with this 10 day immersion course. It’s a highly interactive classroom setting. We immerse ourselves in speaking and listening to Biblical Greek, and doing lots of interaction in the language. Your brain hurts because it is being rewired to understand Greek without the need to constantly translate what you hear into English. In fact, by the end of the first day you will already be comprehending short stories straight from the New Testament.

I hope that didn’t sound too easy, because it really is tiring. But I hope it didn’t sound un-fun, because it really is tons of fun! Listen to what this former student has to say about this immersion course:

This course is an excellent introduction to Biblical Greek. The Total Physical
Response (TPR) and storytelling give hands and feet to this “dead” language,
and make the learning experience lots of fun. Joseph and Caleb proved to be
skillful instructors who frequently broke up the tension of language learning with
humorous moments. Highly recommended for all ages! – E.K.

Yes, this course is a lot of fun. It is even more learning. In fact, this is more than just an introduction to Biblical Greek; this is the first step into the full Biblical Greek Program. When you get to the last Friday morning of the immersion course, it is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is, however, only the end of the beginning. You are now ready to continue into fluency and more learning online. Welcome.

See you December 11!