Here is a great opportunity to increase your love and understanding of the Scriptures. Paul Lamicela is teaching a 10 day Bible class, “Understanding the Biblical Storyline.” If you are already taking time out of your schedule to study Biblical Greek on May 7-18, you can go ahead and take this class on the same dates and at the same location (Leola, PA). This Bible class runs from May 7-17, 2018. Paul and I are working together to provide a two-track option for those of you who are taking Biblical Greek and this Bible class at the same time.

I took Paul’s class last year and I recommend it to all. Here is a short excerpt about the class Paul is offering:

Does the Bible seem like a collection of disconnected stories and teachings? As mainly just a guidebook or rulebook? Do you tend to get bogged down in large swaths of Scripture, such as the prophets or Leviticus? Do you struggle to effectively communicate Scripture to those you minister to? What holds together the incredible variety of biblical material? How do the Old and New Testaments relate to each other? And what does it mean to really be a part of God’s kingdom in Jesus?

“Understanding the Biblical Storyline” is a course which provides students with a thorough grounding in how to read and understand the Bible as a rich, unified whole with a central, compelling message. It involves learning how the whole Bible fits together, carefully observing how the Bible itself uses earlier portions of Scripture, tracing the development of key themes from Genesis to Revelation, and rejoicing in how all of this drives us to Jesus Christ and the gospel. This course is designed for everyone from youth to adults to parents to those involved in ministry and missions.

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“[This class] has been very helpful for me and I trust I’ll reap benefits from this for many years to come! I also am very happy that my [children] can be equipped with these biblical tools as well!”

“I have had a lot of doubts about the Bible… [It seemed there was] no sensible, logical way to fit it all together… I don’t know why I never before saw the Bible as a complete book in which the beginning and the ending and the climax and themes and shadowing all make a complete plot, but it makes so much sense… The things I’ve thought or believed for years, I actually have a basis for now… I feel like a whole new world has opened up in front of me.”